Art By Shalley

Using Art to Heal


I do two kinds of painting processes. I paint as a personal process to bring into consciousness what is unconscious in me--coming from what I see in the background, in a dream, in meditation, or on a shamanic journey--a kind of therapeutic and transformational process. I call these paintings "healing art" because of the healing effects this process has on me. As "healing art" I join the growing number of people making and using art as a healing force to heal themselves, others and the earth. I try to create a healing space in which to allow the creative process of art do its work. If you are interested in learning more about art as a healing force, I refer you to  I also do commissioned paintings where someone will give me a theme, a picture, or a color scheme and asks me to create a painting for them. In both cases my goal is to create a painting that has a healing effect. As you browse the gallery, you will find both types of paintings. The paintings are acrylic on canvas.

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If you are interested in the stories, dreams or meditations behind some of the paintings, click on Stories.

Prints of the paintings are available for purchase. Contact me at

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