Art By Shalley

Using Art to Heal

Art by Shalley

My paintings are a projective experience much like clinical psychology's Rorscharh test. I paint a backgroud of an undefined and ambiguous scene. I then paint the images that I see emerging from this undefined space. As I interact with the images, painting them, amplifying them, dialoging with them, listening to their personal and archetypal meanings, I reveal unconscious forces at work in my own mind. Since the mind has a tendency "to structure ambiguous scenes into personally meaningful images that symbolize underling motives and emotions" (Walsh, Shamanism, p. 202), my paintings are a kind of witness that speak to my life condition, a kind of shamanic journey for healing and insight.
Over time my paintings have evolved to include images met in dreams, during meditation and in shamanic journeys.

As you view my paintings I invite you to let them speak to you out of your own unconscious. To browse my paintings, click on Gallery.

Goddess Rising

This painting, "Goddess Rising," is from my personal work with the Goddess energies and represents the healing energies of the Divine Feminine that is available to us.

                                                                The Happening

The painting, "The Happening" above was inspired by a dream. In the dream I see a bubble of energy that I know is my orb. As I look at the orb more closely I see a small image of my inside the bubble. I then look more closely and see that the orb is pure energy--a soul energy waiting its next manifestation." The paintings below are my continuing reflection on this dream and its evolution.

These two paintings, The Happening Phase I and II, reflect the evolution of my work on the "orb dream" and of the soul's next manifestation.
The Happening, Phase III
This is my work on the continuing evolution of the dream where I see my orb as my soul's next manifestation.

The Happening: Phase IV
This is the current painting in the evolution of this series on "My Soul's Next Manifestation.

This painting, "The Guardian" was painted in response to a shamanic journey I took in which I meet a Cougar.

This painting, "Medicine Man," was inspired by a dream where I met a man who told me he was a "healer." On a shamanic journey I met a little boy who needed healing. I combined the two dreams into this painting.

This painting, "Hawk Medicine" was painted in response to a meditation in which I meet Hawk

This painting, "Quetzalcoatl," was inspired by a shamanic journey.
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